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Shelby Rae Gallimore * Sept 4,2000 to Present Day, family photos,Denton,NC
Shelby Rae Links * Denton, NC * Davidson County


Feb-Mar 2004
Janurary 2004
2003 in Review
Mom * Dad * Me
@ 2 Years
@ One Year Old
First Christmas
Family Photos
Friends Corner
LINKS * Shelby
Pa Pa's Internet Links
4 & 7 Generations
Great Grandparents
Shelby Rae Home page @ Birth 9/4/2000  go now !


Shelby Rae_nov14_2001

Shelby Rae's Feb-March 2004 Album at Sony's ImageStation with SlideShow! Click Here

Three Years Old Sept4,2003
Shelby Rae Gallimore has invited you to view Tea Party album on   ImageStation, follow this Link.

Shelby Rae  *June*July Aug 18, 2002

Shelby Rae~2002~March & April Photo album on Ofoto

Shelby Rae ~2002 online FEB.Photo Album~Shutterfly

Shelby Rae,Jan_2002,online photo album

Shelby Rae,s 2nd Christmas online photos,2001

Shelby_PaPa~April 21,2002

Shelby Rae's Photo album for OCT,2001

Shelby Rae's Webpage @ 1 year Old

Shelby Rae 1st Birtday Party~Sept4,2001~Click here

Shelby Rae @ 11 months Aug,4 to Sept 4,2001

Shelby Rae @ 11 months & walking{playing piano} @ Ofoto

Shelby Rae @ 9 & 10 months on Geocities {click here}

Shelby Rae @ 10 months on Webshot {click here}

Shelby Rae Photo Albums @ Yahoo

Choose a Link below and click on it to view pages
of Shelby Rae ,Family and Friends {Give time to Load}

Shelby @ Geocities {5 Minutes to 7 days old page and more!}

Shelby Rae Birthday countdown & Photos

Shelby Rae & family{Sarah,Mary,Vanessa,Chad, Chase,Kathy,Doug,Nancy,Suzie,Derek & Mema

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